Did you find value in the lesson?
100% of respondents said "YES"

What really stuck out to you? 

  • "TFSA and Segregated Funds"

  • "I need to write a will"

  • "The in-depth knowledge"


  • "Health care Directive, Will, Credit Score"

  • "Prepping your emergency kit. Entrepreneurship"

  • "Emergency Fund is essential"

  • "90% of money is in systems/investments"

  • "Retirement is an amount of money not an age"

re: Financial Coaching & Services

  • "This was a great lesson! I have read finance books and attended financial classes and conferences, which has really built a solid financial foundation that you added to wonderfully"

  • "Thank you. This was good to know - I feel like some of the stuff applies right now but most of it is just good to know once I start a career."

Additional Comments

  • "I really enjoyed it"

  • "Enjoyed it and learned a lot. thanks"

  • "Thanks for coming to teach us! Thanks for treating us as adults!"

  • "It was good and very informative"

  • "It was interesting & engaging"

  • "Thank you for giving your time to educate us!"

  • "Preparing an 'Emergency Kit', getting all money, accounts, passwords, etc. in order for the benefit of the living family. Finding mentors - setting goals & mindset"

  • "Information on specific banking strategies"

  • "The amount needed to save to retire"

  • "That hard checks on credit scores affect the score itself. Also the value of seg funds. I had never heard of them before your talk."

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Suggestions to Improve

"I would like if you explained the financial concepts at a simpler level! It felt like you were moving very quickly and using terminology or concepts that we may not be familiar with :) "

Yes, I did cover a lot of information in a short period of time, especially during the Q&A. I am considering splitting my lesson into two or more lessons. This should help reduce the information overload. I will also review my script and try to exchange terms that many people may not be familiar with. Thank you for the feedback.

  • I gave Tina a chance and she rocks! Very friendly person and seems eager to help. Very knowledgeable and gave me some good advice. Thanks! - RS

  • I was really happy to have met Tina Michelle and I appreciate her for the time she dedicated to me for a career coaching session. Since my first encounter with her, she has been very professional and helpful. - ZZ

  • You’re motivating me to start looking more into my future! :D - SU

  • Thank you for meeting with me and (my sister) ... I have never before thought of a career in comedy. It's a rush to make people laugh for sure. And somewhere in my sketchbooks is a Blues Song called "One pair of panties". It's about laundry day blues. Sounds like a winner to me. ;) Interesting to see how my sister and I are opposites in our personalities. I have never given it much thought, just thought we were complimentary. Thank you for sending the career satisfaction list. And for suggesting I take time management education...Thank you for the encouragement you gave by laughing so hard!! I wrote I am Funny on my affirmations card! I look forward to meeting with you for a financial empowerment meeting! - CP

re: Career Coaching

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or Messenger or click the link on the Home page to schedule a free Consultation.