Canadian Finance for Christians
Problem: May Christians misquote 1 Timothy 6:10 stating, "Money is the root of all evil". As a result, these same Christians are unable to focus on doing God's work due to the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck.
Solution: We'll use scripture to teach God's true view of money and how to create a proper mindset that blesses the person and those around them.
Note: This session is open to all faiths, not just Christians.

Canadian Finance for Entrepreneurs
Problem: It is estimated 2/3 small businesses will be forced to close, most due to financial issues.
Solution: This class is aimed at entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Canadian Finance for Newcomers (and not so newcomers)
Problem: Canadians and Newcomers lost over half a million dollars to scams in 2022.
Solution: This is a general overview of Canadian finance as well as resources available to new Canadians. We'll also cover common scams.

Choosing the Right Career
Problem: Many people work 40+ years in jobs they don't enjoy then realize they can't afford to retire.
Solution: We'll review the Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and use the Myers Briggs method to determine which careers may be best suited to your personality.

Estate Planning Mistakes
Problem: There's approximately 1.8 billion dollars in unclaimed accounts in Canada
Solution: We'll talk about wills and living wills, the value of using estate planning professionals, and a long list of mistakes people make, including real life stories, so you'll know to avoid repeating them.

Home Buyers Info Session
Problem: Rental vacancies are at an all time low which means rental prices are at an all time high.
Solution: We'll discuss programs to help you be in a position to buy a home, and potentially save thousands prior to purchase.

How to Get Out of Bad Debt: Yes, it it possible.
Problem: Many Canadians are spending much more than they earn.
Solution: This class focuses on the mindsets and habits that lead to bad debt. We'll cover the pros and cons of consolidation, consumer proposals, and bankruptcies, among other options. We'll discuss credit rating vs. credit scores and tips for improving both.

How to Protect Yourself from Scams
Problem: US citizens reported losing $8.8 billion and Canadians $530 million in 2022 to scams. You can only imagine how many didn't report it.
Solution: Learn how to recognize common scams and steps you can take to protect yourself, as well as what you can do after you've been targeted. In addition to illegal scams, we'll also cover some legal tactics that can harm a person's financial bottom line.

Increasing Cash Flow & Net Worth
Problem: Most Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck
Solution: We'll discuss various ways to increase income and reduce spending. The agenda includes conversations on budgeting, government programs, grant funding, matched savings programs, and side hustles.

Keys to Investing & Retirement Planning: Which Investments are the Best?
Problem: According to Stats Canada, only 1 out of 10 Canadians retire above the low income line.
Solution: We focus on the pros and cons of different types of investments and investment vehicles, e.g. RRSPs, TFSAs, and how it affects OAS/GIS and other government programs. We'll discuss the effects of taxes on investments and different tricks to save more in a shorter period of time.

Protecting Yourself and Your Family: How to buy the right insurance from the right agent
Problem: 90% of Canadians are dangerously underinsured.
Solution: This class focuses on different types of insurance and what to look for in good insurance companies and good agents so you're really protected.

Setting SMARTER Goals
Problem: It is estimated that 94% of people do not achieve their goals, often due to lack of planning.
Solution: Goal setting is more than writing something down on a piece of paper. We'll go over each letter of the acronym and how to increase the chances of achieving your dreams.

Other Classes Include:

Disability and RDSP
Agenda includes: different types of disability insurance (the good and the bad); RDSP, CPP Disability, Disability Tax Credit, plus other government and charitable programs.

Important Things to Discuss Before Getting Married
We'll discuss common money concerns and how to resolve them BEFORE they become an issue.

Infinite Banking and Other Tricks the Wealthy Use
We'll go over some well known, and not so well known, strategies the wealthy use.

Student Loans and Other Options
We'll discuss government resources, RESPs and other options for investing in your child's educational future, as well as your own.

Working in the Financial Services Industry
This class covers some of the careers in the financial service industry and the pros and cons of each one.

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Classes are $5/person with all profits donated to a registered charity or not-for-profit organization.