Donation Information (aka. the fine print)

Type "101 (city name)" in the comment section when donating to ensure your donation is forwarded to the correct charity and for tracking for a possible matching grant.

For charities with an online donation system: Please donate through their website.

For all other charities: etransfer donation to A jar will be provided for on-site donations (except for locations that do not allow fundraisers on site).


How much of the donation is going to the charity and how much for costs?

100% of the donation will go to the organization. All costs I incur, i.e. room rental, travel, handouts, etc., will be covered by myself.

Can I attend the session without donating?

No. Recommended donation is $20 so a receipt can be issued by registered charities, but even a donation of $1 will be accepted as I don't want cost to be a barrier to learning. There is no maximum.

Why don't you charge for these sessions, other than admission by donation?

At the end of every session, I invite attendees to book a time with me to review their personal financial plan. Because my service is essentially free to the individuals and families I help, I can't imagine why someone wouldn't sit down with me. See FAQ$ for further details.

How do I know you won't keep any of the donation money?

I've only ever stolen one thing in my life and that was a baby doll from a CrackerJack box that my friend refused to give to me after I asked. I think I was 7. If I haven't been able to get over that memory, I don't think I could handle stealing anything substantial.

That being said, the treasurer or fundraising coordinator will have full access to the fundraising account information and all money collected will be recorded.

Will I get a tax receipt?

Only registered charities can issue tax receipts, typically for donations over $20. If you qualify for a receipt and did not receive one within 7 days, please contact me and I will notify the charity.

Can I recommend a charity for you to raise money for?

Absolutely. The charity must be registered or recognized as a not-for-profit and serve the local community.

Can I suggest an idea for a class?

Yes. As long as it's related in some way to finances.

To offer corrections or feedback, please email
Sincerely, Tina Michelle Moller

If you have any questions, please contact me via email or Messenger or click the link on the Home page to schedule a free Consultation.

Links & Donation instructions:

Jack Long Foundation (click link for donate form)
Creating safe dignified homes for seniors

Activettes Food Bank (click link for donate form)
Food donations will be accepted. Wish list: Rice, granola bars, juice, soups, canned meat and fruit

Sugar Bird Foundation (etransfer
Focusing on Poverty, Mental Health, Ecology, and the Community of Drumheller