Empowering others with financial knowledge and tools so they can achieve their goals & dreams

Receive $20 per qualified referral (or half the commission with license)

*Did you know...

  • an estimated 90% of Canadians are dangrously underinsured?

  • 40% of Canadians will receive a cancer diagnosis and 1/3 will experience a disability lasting 90 days or more?

  • most people under age 65 don't have a will so an estate can be tied up in probate for years rather than days?

  • most Canadians are less than one paycheck away from not being able to pay their bills?

  • working with an advisor over the long term is likely to produce nearly 4x more assets? Which would you prefer your family to have: 1 million or 3.9 million in savings?

My husband and I weren't high net worth so no financial professionals were knocking down our door to teach us how to save and prepare properly for our future. We were referred by a friend to an agent who helped us gain incredible financial knowledge and set up our initial financial plan which was invaluable after my husband became sick. I will forever be grateful to Rio Lowry for introducing us to this amazing industry.

Will you invite your family and friends to sit down with me before it's too late? It will cost you nothing but may save them everything.

Step 1: Ask your friend or family member if I can have their number and when would be a good time for me to give them a call.

Step 2: They complete a financial review and invest towards their personal plan, even if it's into their own personal savings account. They do not need to purchase insurance, investments, mortgage, or other products referred by me as a condition for the bonus.

Step 3: I etransfer you $20. I'll also discuss the option of you getting licensed so you may earn half of the commissions in future.

Note: This bonus currently applies to referrals located in Alberta or Newfoundland.

Questions & Answers

What is a qualified referral?

A qualified referral is a person or couple who has at least 3 of the following 8 qualities:

  • Married

  • Children

  • Homeowner

  • Steady income

  • Entrepreneurial minded (either owns a business or has thought about starting a business)

  • Grit (they have a good work ethic and will keep going until their goals are achieved)

  • Good people skills

  • Dissatisfied (either with the amount or type of income they earn, with the lack of time or flexibility their current job affords, or that their current position doesn't provide a sense of fulfillment)

Why do you have requirements for referrals?

Experience has shown that people who lack most or all of the above qualities are not a good fit for me. This being said, I will still sit down with nearly everyone, I just won't pay a referral bonus until that referral becomes qualified.

Won't you be out money if you pay referral bonuses for people who don't do business with you?

Yes. Ideally the person/family will want to have continual access to my knowlege and skills, but if not, then they'll still have received some value from the basic principles I've taught. As I don't ever charge clients for my financial services, I don't see too many reasons why someone wouldn't want to work with me.

When will I receive the bonus for my qualified referral?

The $20 will be sent as an e-transfer when the financial review has been completed and next steps discussed.

Does the referral bonus apply to your finance classes or career coaching as well?

No, since 100% of the donation goes to charity.